Third Peace Committee Meeting with Chemplast Disappoints; No Water Deal Strutck

Mettur, 12 October 2012: The Gonur Panchayat President and the Nangavalli Panchayat Union Chairman met with representatives from Chemplast Sanmar Pvt. Ltd. on 12th October for a third peace committee meeting at the Salem District Collector's Office. They were accompanied by some local villagers, other board members, and members of Gonur West Agricultural Development Union. For the third time in a month, the Collector was unable to broker any agreeable settlement in the issue of drinking water supply from the company. Chemplast claims to be presently supplying 3.5 lakh LPD to the hamlets of Kozhipanna, Tippampatti, Vellakal Madavu M.G.R Nagar, Veeranur, Saralakkaadu, Mathaiyan Koil and Mottur. The Tamilnadu Water Water Supply and Drainage Board reports to have verified this claim. However, villagers who are entirely dependent on pipelines from Chemplast for potable water, have been starved of water due to the stark inadequacy of this quantity. Chemplast has yet again turned away their demands and refused to provide even 4.5 lakh LPD, while offering only to replace all existing pipes with a single integrated sump for the 3.5 lakh LPD.

With all the groundwater in Mettur having been rendered unusable by heavy industrial activity, the Panchayats have had to bear the costs of supplying safe pipe-lined water. The Chairman, Mr.Jivanandam, has said that locals would not hesitate to rally to shut Chemplast's Plants down, if the company remained insensitive about its paltry compensation.