Another Gas Leak from Tanfac, commuters once again affected

Cuddalore, 14 May 2005: In an another incident of what the company and the TNPCB describes as a "vent release", there was a gas leak reported from the Aluminium Fluoride plant of Tanfac. The leak was reported at about 11 am today and the commuters on the Cuddalore - Chidambaram national highway reported of severe eye irritation. SACEM monitors present near the company also informed that the Tanfac officials notified the TNPCB (local office) as soon as the leak took place.

We are awaiting more details about the leak.

This is the second gas leak reported from the company in the last two months, last month on 13 April 2005, there was a sulphur gas leakage from the same company. Read the previous report here...