Accident at the Chemplast Site in Cuddalore; One Worker Dead Another Seriously Injured

Cuddalore, 15 July 2008: One contract worker lost his life while another was seriously injured in an accident while the construction of the PVC plant of Chemplast Sanmar in Cuddalore. According to the sources the accident took place at about 4.30 pm on 14 July 2008. The workers were engaged in digging land for the underground pipeline when a portion of newly constructed water tank collapsed on them. 28 year old Askar Ali, a contract worker from Orissa died on the spot while another worker from Bihar has been seriously injured. Currently there is no information about the status of the injured worker's health.

Anticipating strike from the agitated workers, the management gave every worker paid leave today and the work on the site has halted temporarily.

More details about the case is awaited.