Dismissed CUSECS worker attempt to take back their jobs

Cuddalore, 17 November 2006: The 15 CUSECS workers who had been dismissed from their jobs made an attempt to get back at work on Friday. The workers gathered at the CUSECS pump no 2 and sat on a dharna for an hour and then moved to the CUSECS 6. There they met the manager from the CUSECS, Mr. Kuppuraman and appealed to him to reinstate them at the work. The CUSECS manager refused to listen to the appeals of the workers upon which the angry workers locked out the security persons who are currently handling the operations of pump 6 and entered the pump house. The deadlock between the dismissed workers and officials continued till late in the evening and ended with the intervention of the police officials of Old Town police station. The police officers advised the workers to resolve the matter with discussions instead of taking the law in their hands. The workers also met the District Revenue Officer and presented their case to him. Though they left the pump site after the police intervention, they have decided to continue with their struggle until they get justice.

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