Pondicherry Alum and Asian Paints caught releasing illegal effluents in SIPCOT

Cuddalore, 27 December 2007: Pondicherry Alum and Asian Paints were caught red handed releasing illegal effluents in two separate incidents in SIPCOT Cuddalore. On 25 December brick colour effluent was released from Pondicherry Alum unit into a neighbouring canal. The pool of effluent collected in the agricultural land in the western side of the unit across the East Coast Road. This incident occurred at about 11 am and was immediately reported by SACEM monitors. The monitors mentioned that the effluent had an oil like odour and caused skin itching when in contact. The matter was brought to the notice of the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board (TNPCB) but no action has been taken so far. The monitors have also reported release of heavy smoke from the unit to the TNPCB and are yet see any action from the Board to implement pollution control norms for the unit.

On 26 December Asian Paints was caught releasing effluents through the Tantech and Eachangadu canal into river Uppanar. The incident took place at about 2.30 pm. The monitors reported that brick colour effluent with oily layer and similar odour. Monitors reported nausea due to the odour and skin itching sensation when in contact with the effluent. This incident was brought to the notice of the TNPCB and an action is awaited.

TNPCB has turned a blind eye to the incidents reported from SIPCOT and has failed to take any action on them. Illegal effluent discharge from Asian Paints is a regular phenomenon which has been brought to the notice of TNPCB on a regular basis but still the problem continues. SACEM monitors had reported the release of illegal effluents into the canal from Asian Paints in November 2007, no action has been taken on any of the complaints so far.

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