Effluent leak in SIPCOT as CUSECS pipeline breaks down

Cuddalore, 29 January 2007: SACEM monitors reported effluent leak from CUSECS sump 2 pipeline due to break down of the pipe connecting the sump 2 and 3. Though this incident occurred on 20 th January 2007 at around 11 a.m. it was brought to the notice of the monitors today. According to the sources the pipeline broke near HEF industries causing an effluent leakage on SIPCOT land between the service road and Cuddalore-Chidambaram highway. The effluent was colourless and had a rotten dead body odour. No immediate clean-up action seem to have been taken by the CUSECS or by the TNPCB though the pipe was immediately repaired by contract workers from Pioneer Miyagi Chemicals. According to the CUSECS officials a weak joint in the pipeline was the main cause of the breakdown. CUSECS 2 receives effluent from Pioneer Miyagi Chemicals and Arkema Peroxide. A complaint has been registered with the TNPCB.