Uppanar Pollution: Fishermen report skin irritation when in contact with river water

Cuddalore, 30 March 2007: Two fishermen, including SACEM monitor, reported skin irritation after entering the river Uppanar today morning. S Pugazendhi and his partner T. Govindraju reported these symptoms after they entered the river behind Eachangadu village between SPIC and CUSECS 5 at about 4:30 am for fishing. They also reported a black oily layer that smelt of firecrackers on the water. The fishermen after entering the water felt itching sensations on their arms and legs and stepped out of the river immediately. They also took a sample of the river water and handed it over to the local TNPCB office for analysis.

Both the fishermen could not catch any fish and even had to go for treatment in the general hospital as their skin itching persisted. This is not the first time when such incident has been reported. Fishermen and SACEM monitors have constantly been pointing out the deteriorating conditions of the river and the lack of action by TNPCB for the last two years.

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