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19 ex-workers dead
Hundreds Sick
Babies born with deformities
Slow growth in children
Poisoned Environment
Kodaikanal Seeks Justice
March 7, 2008: Global Day of Action against Unilever

§ Hold Unilever accountable for Mercury Poisoning
§ Seek justice for victims of Unilever’s negligence
§ Prevent another generation from being poisoned
Take Action: Target Unilever Wherever You Are

Organise photo exhibitions on Unilever’s mercury fever in schools, community halls, etc

Organise candle-light vigils in your towns

Take out a rally supporting the cause of the ex-workers

Express your solidarity with the struggling ex-workers and the pollution impacted community

Organise actions at Hindustan Lever/Unilever offices in your cities

Write, call, fax the local Unilever office and ask them to take responsibility for their pollution in Kodaikanal.

Click here for contact details of Unilever offices worldwide

Organise local boycotts of Unilever’s consumer products – tea, cosmetics, soaps and detergents

Know more about Unilever’s products/brands and lies

Appeal from the ex-workers and residents of Kodaikanal

Download Now
Victims of Pollution & Injustice: Kodai’s struggle in pictures

Download Photo-exhibition images & instructions

Letter of Solidarity with the ex-workers & residents of Kodaikanal

Download Letter (DOC)
Letter to the local Unilever office expressing your concern with the company’s carelesness

Download Letter (DOC)

Write solidarity letters to:

Pond’s HLL ex-Mercury Workers Welfare Association
J.R. Complex, Kamarajar Road,
Kodaikanal 624101
Email: kodai.struggle@gmail.com
Take Action
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