SIPCOT shattered; suffers Rs 70 crore loss

03 January 2012



CUDDALORE: The industries functioning in SIPCOT here have suffered a collective loss of approximately Rs 70 crore due to cyclone Thane and it would take at least a month to resume full-fledged production.


Totally 21 establishments are functioning in SIPCOT and all of them are predominantly chemical industries that are producing life saving drugs, agricultural chemicals and dyes.


Nine chimneys and compound walls of a few industries collapsed in the cyclone.


Machineries, buildings and electrical equipment were damaged and over 75,000 trees were uprooted here.


The moment Thane struck Cuddalore, all industries in the area started shutting down their plants as precautionary measures, averting hazardous incidents such as leakages and emissions.


“Starting 3 am on Friday, all the companies had slowed down the plants and finally stopped operations. Industries also suspended discharging treated effluent into the sea through pipes,” said K Indra Kumar, secretary of Cuddalore SIPCOT Industries Association.


“We are waiting for TNEB to restore power supply to SIPCOT in order to assess the damage caused to electrical equipment. Restoration works have already begun in some industries. While some companies could start operations in two weeks, others might take a month,” Indra Kumar added. Suresh Sodani, president of TANFAC Industries Ltd. claimed that three chimneys in his company had fallen. Roofs were blown off and many trees were uprooted, he said added it would take three to four weeks to recommence productions.


Loyal Super Fabrics said 45,000 meters of woven fabrics and 10 tonnes of knitted fabrics were damaged and added they are expecting to restart productions in two weeks.


Sources said that the approximate worth of property loss for industries in SIPCOT might be between Rs 50 crore and 70 crore.

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SIPCOT shattered; suffers Rs 70 crore loss
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