Chemplast clarifies on news report

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Chennai, Dec 10, 2005:

Chemplast Sanmar Limited has clarified that the proposed new PVC Project at Cuddalore SIPCOT would not affect health or cause pollution hazards as claimed by community groups and environmentalists.

Following the news report that appeared on News Today dated 9 December, the company claimed the project clearance had been given by the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests only after taking into consideration the observation made in the public hearing and the apprehensions raised by some of the environmental groups.

The company maintains that there is no violation of the EIA notification 1994, as the setting up of the de-salination plant and captive power plant in the plan as per the direction of the Technical Committees had been approved only after assessing their impact.

The company also denied Vinly Chloride Monomer is not an explosive or carcinogenic. Chemplast further said it was not correct to state that International Finance Corporation (IFC) abandoned the project on the basis of the opposition to the project at the public hearing in Cuddalore.

It added that due to delay in getting the approvals, the company requested IFC to put the project on hold.

The last public hearing conducted in Cuddalore was on 7 June, 2002. After that the company relocated its proposal to setup its new PVC plant to Krishnapatnam in Nellore district, Andhra Pradesh. In 1999, the Sernmankuppam Panchayat, within the jurisdiction of which SIPCOT Phase II lies, passed a resolution prohibiting the setting up of polluting or water-intensive industries in that complex.

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Chemplast clarifies on news report
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