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CUSECS Pipe Breaks Again; Village Canal Contaminated

Cuddalore, 7 July 2008: CUSECS Pipe line from CUSECS II to CUSECS VI was reported to be damaged on 4 July 2008 at about 6 pm. SACEM monitors came to know about the problem when they saw two contract workers repairing the pipeline in Pillukuthu Vaikal (canal). Upon inquiries they found out that the pipeline was damaged at the canal and huge quantities of effluent got released in the canal. Monitors did not notice any odour and colour of the effluent as there was plenty of water in the canal.


According to the monitors the two contract workers engaged in the repair activities were not wearing any protective clothings such as gloves or boots but were repairing the pipe with bare hands. Their trousers were rolled up till their knees and bare feet deep into the polluted water. This clearly shows the lack of safety of the workers who are engaged into most hazardous jobs in SIPCOT Complex.


A complaint highlighting the pipeline damage and lack of safety gears for the workers has been sent to the District Collector and Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board.

CUSECS Pipe Breaks Again; Village Canal Contaminated
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