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Loyal Super Fabrics operations extended for two months

Cuddalore, 11 October 2006: The Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board has extended the permission for operation of Loyal Super Fabrics for another two months. According to the PCB officials the permission is conditional and subject to periodic changes. The unit is under fire from the PCB for failing to install a Reverse Osmosis plant, for its poor hazardous waste management and bad house keeping. The unit was shut down for a few weeks in July and was restarted only in August with permissions to operate for two months. With the new extension the unit can now function till 10 December 2006. Interestingly the unit has been operating with out a valid Consent to Operate for the last eight years as it has not renewed its permission since 1998.

The PCB official informed us that the unit is currently operating at half of its capacity and generating about 70 KLD of trade effluent. The local PCB officials will be reviewing the units operations periodically.

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Loyal Super Fabrics operations extended for two months
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