Pioneer Miyagi Continues to Reclaim River Land

Cuddalore, 17 May 2007: Pioneer Miyagi once again began to reclaim river Uppanar land exactly one month after it was forced to stop this activity by the District Collector and the officials of Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board (TNPCB). Pioneer began this land reclamation in violation of the Coastal Regulation Zone Management rules on 17 April 2007 but was forced to discontinue it after the SIPCOT residents complained to the authorities about this illegal activities. At that time since various officials from different departments intervened the unit had to discontinue its activity but it restarted the reclamation once it felt that the community and the government was no longer watching it.


Pioneer is a known violator in the SIPCOT area, this is not the first instance where the company has shown its blatant disregard for law and governmental directions. The unit exhibited same kind of pattern last year from May onwards when it was constructing an illegal unit inside the factories premises despite repeated warnings from the TNPCB and the district administration.


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Pioneer Miyagi Continues to Reclaim River Land
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