SIMA Construction Halted by Local Villagers

Cuddalore, 27 August 2014: More than 300 residents from villages around proposed SIMA textile park
site in Cuddalore surrounded the project site and opposed preliminary work at the site. SIMA residents
were performing a religious ceremony to construct the marine effluent pipeline on the site.

Villagers stopped the officials from continuing with the activities citing it as illegal and without
valid consents. There was a heated argument between the villagers and the project officials. The Chidambaram sub collector Mr.Arvind, Superintendant of Police Mr.Rajaram and Tasildar Anbuselvi along with a large platoon of police intervened and tried to convince the villagers to call off the protest. After listening to the arguments of the people and the sub collector instructed the SIMA Officials to halt all work and scheduled a Peace Committee meeting to discuss the matter
further on 30 August 2014.

SIMA Construction Halted by Local Villagers
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