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Effluent Leak from CUSECS II to CUSECS III

Cuddalore, 29 March 2007: A leak in the effluent pipeline from CUSECS II to CUSECS III was reported from SIPCOT Cuddalore today. the leak was reported from area behind Puthu Koil in Periya Karaikadu at about 10:30 am. Huge quantity of effluent smelling of rotten dead body was reported to heave leaked and spread on the land around the area.


SACEM monitors immediately informed the District Environmental Engineer (DEE) about the leak who rushed to the spot to take stock of the situation. It is reported that the DEE along with the CUSECS official cleaned up the place and restored the pipeline in order. The cause of the leak is still unknown.


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Effluent Leak from CUSECS II to CUSECS III
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