SIPCOT Residents Discover an Illegal Effluent Pipeline to Uppanar

Cuddalore, 15 May 2007: The SIPCOT residents today discovered an illegal effluent pipeline in the industrial area leading to the river Uppanar. The cement pipe was discovered behind TANFAC, in between Victory Chemicals and CUSECS 6. After and initial look the residents informed that the pipeline seems to be an old one and carried slightly browinsh black effluent with oily layer. According to the residents the pipe releases the effluent on the land very close to Uppanar. The residents also informed that effluent could be acidic in nature as the grass around the outlet of the pipe was burnt due to the effect of the effluent.

The local officers of Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board (TNPCB) were immediately alerted after the incident who have taken action to block the pipeline and ensuring that no effluent is illegally released through the pipeline. The discovery of the pipeline also shows the alertness of the SIPCOT residents and their monitoring abilities of legal and illegal activities in the SIPCOT Chemical Complex.