Press Release: Gas Trouble III: Regulatory loopholes in TNPCB’s toxic emissions monitoring in SIPCOT Cuddalore during 2019-2020

Download Report here SIPCOT Cuddalore, 30.04.22: Exposing the fundamentally flawed emission monitoring design of TNPCB – At-least 19 out of 58 stacks being monitored by the pollution regulator for real-time air emissions had not even set up basic threshold limits, revealed an investigative RTI study carried out by Community Environmental Monitoring and SIPCOT area community […]

Fumes from Tagros, SIPCOT Cuddalore

On 12th October 2021, around 7 45 pm, an intense white fumigation incident was reported to have occured at Tagros new plant.   The plant was clouded by intense white fumes that gave chemical odour. It was drizzling during the incident and the increased humidity of air during that time has caused holding of pollutants and […]

Environmentalists cry foul over lack of threshold limits for 19 stack parameters in Cuddalore SIPCOT

When there is no threshold limit, critical pollutants may escape into the atmosphere impacting heavily on ambient pollution levels, and affect the health of vulnerable sections, an environmental activist said Environmentalists have complained that threshold limits have not been set up for 19 stack parameters for industries falling under the ‘Red’ category in the Cuddalore […]

CUSECS pipeline damaged by external force: Treated effluents leaked in SIPCOT

On 28th June 2021, Cuddalore Sipcot Industries Common Utilities Limited (CUSECS) that provides Infrastructure Facilities for Common Marine Disposable System for industrial units in SIPCOT Cuddalore was damaged leading to leakage of treated industrial effluents on the ground much before reaching its destination at the deep sea dump site. The interconnecting pipeline of the CUSECS […]

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