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Recent Updates:

Chemical company in SIPCOT dishcarged effluents into River Uppanar in Tamil Nadu
CUDDALORE, 19 June 2017: Residents of villages near SIPCOT here have alleged that a chemical company in the SIPCOT compound discharged untreated effluents into River Uppanar on Saturday, causing irritation to eyes and itching to many people. Read more...

Illegal discharge of effluent into the river uppanar, leaves residents worried
Cuddalore, 17 June 2017: Residents of Semmankuppam reported illegal effluent discharge in river Uppanar today. According to the eyewitnessess there was oily yellow colour substance with a strong acid like odour in the river. Read more...

Fire in NLC India mine destroys a few lakh tonnes of lignite
CUDDALORE, June 13, 2017: A fire destroyed a few lakh tonnes of lignite stored in a mine at the NLC India Limited at Neyveli in Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu on Tuesday. Read more...

Toxic Air From Industrial Units Set up Away From Chennai's Affluent Is Literally Blowing Back
Chennai, MAY 11, 2017 Chennai can never dream of clean air as long as it considers the city's edges be it Ennore and Manali in the north or Alathur to the south to be industrial sacrifice zones. Read more...

Coal ash from Ennore plant making air of neighbourhood unhealthy
Chennai, MAY 11, 2017: Coal ash released by thermal power plants in Ennore may be polluting the air in Poes Garden and Boat Club, a study by The Coastal Resource Centre has found. Read more...

Chennai's air pollution alarmingly toxic: Study
CHENNAI, MAY 11, 2017: A study conducted by the Coastal Resource Centre has revealed that the air quality in Chennai is alarmingly toxic. Read more...

Boat Club, Poes Garden not spared from pollution: Report
Chennai, May 11, 2017:If you think that posh residential neighbourhoods such as Boat Club and Poes Garden have lesser pollution levels due to their tree cover, you are mistaken. These areas have recorded high levels of particulate matter that are lesser than 2.5 microns. Read more...

High level of pollutants in Chennai and Ennore air might be the reason for your health problems
Chennai,MAY 10, 2017 If you live in north or south Chennai, chances are that the deteriorating air quality is responsible for your health problems. Read more...

Chennai oil spill: Doctors warn of serious health issues, including cancer, for clean-up crew
New Delhi, February 22, 2017: The nightmare involving the Chennai oil spill seems to get even frightening and upsetting with medical doctors issuing warnings about serious health hazards on those who helped clean the toxic sludge following the collision between two ships last month. Read more...

Health concerns raised after Ennore oil spill
Chennai, February 22, 2017 : A team of medical doctors spoke to more than 50 persons on the morning of February 7, interacting with clean-up crews of the Indian Coast Guard, fishermen, workers from the Fire and Rescue Services and Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC), apart from residents, including the elderly population, women and school students. Read more...

Doctors warn of health hazards for workers cleaning up oil spill
CHENNAI, FEBRUARY 22, 2017: Raising an alarm over the hazards faced by workers involved in the massive clean-up operations following last month's oil spill in the city, a fact-finding team has urged the government to closely monitor their health. Read more...

Spill clean-up workers exposed to long-term health risks
CHENNAI, FEBRUARY 22, 2017: The State government lacks a database of workers who were involved in cleaning up the spill, thus putting them at a greater long-term health risk as they have engaged themselves without any protective gear, warns a fact-finding report prepared by doctors. Read more...

'Monitor health of oil spill clean-up crew'
Tamil Nadu, FEBRUARY 22, 2017 A team of doctors and members of the Healthy Energy Initiative, India, has called for a continual, long-term assessment of all those involved in the oil spill clean-up, including the crew, fisherfolk and residents. Read more...

More Updates

Poison in the air

in Cuddalore
The Hindu
04 June, 2005

Poisonous gases released into the air by some chemical units in the SIPCOT industrial estate in Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu, continue to endanger the lives and livelihoods of people in a number of villages in the absence of government action.

At the SIPCOT industrial estate in Cuddalore. Gases released by chemical units have severely affected the air quality in the area.

VILLAGES in the industrial area on the outskirts of Cuddalore town in Tamil Nadu are increasingly being identified more by pungent smells than their names - smells of rotten cabbage, burnt rubber, rotten egg, neem, detergent, human excreta, decomposing bodies, mosquito coils, rotting bones, decaying chikoo fruit, and nail polish. The smells come from toxic chemical compounds that are manufactured or released as effluents by the 18 companies in the industrial area and which have been damaging the environment and the health of more than 20,000 people in about 20 villages. Read more...

What is Community Environmental Monitoring?
Besides training villagers in the science of pollution, the Community Environmental Monitoring initiative seeks to involve villagers in the fight against pollution by engaging them in environmental and health monitoring, and sustainable livelihood activities.

CEM is as much about the community as it is about the environment. CEM sees political empowerment and the right to make informed decisions about development as key to success in the struggle against environmental casteism and discrimination. While local self-help is an emphasis, CEM's philosophy also hinges on holding corporations and polluters accountable. More About Us..