Toxic waste kills Gadilam river fish

Tuesday, January 22 2008
Express News Service


CUDDALORE: A large quantity of fish were found dead in a river here on Monday.


Local residents alleged the indiscriminate release of waste from a private sugarmill as a primary reason for the incident. Foul smell hasĀ  been emanating from the place.

The sugarmill had reportedly released industrial waste into the Gadilam river on Sunday, which decreased the dissolved oxygen level in water alarmingly.


It is to be noted that more than 500 inland fishermen of Kuppan Kulam, Sellankuppam and Soorappan Naickan Chavadi depended on the river for their livelihood.


Meanwhile, Ganesan, a cadre of the Viduthalai Vengaigal, lodged a complaint with the Department of Fisheries and Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board (TNPCB), seeking government action on the issue.


The petition also urged the Board to monitor private firms operating along the river and take strict action against erring firms. The government must immediately provide relief to the farmers who were affected by the incident, he added.

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Toxic waste kills Gadilam river fish
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