‘I Love Cuddalore’ : A Citizens’ Movement Launched


Cuddalore, 1 December 2007:

A group of concerned people, institutional heads, religious leaders, young innovators, fisher folk, advocates and members of community organisation and community support groups monitoring pollution levels in SIPCOT near Cuddalore met on November 30th, 2007 in Cuddalore to discuss some of the burning problems faced by the citizens of Cuddalore. One issue singled out by the group as the deadliest enemy of Cuddalore was the air pollution faced by the people. Direct impact of poisonous chemical pollution on the health of people especially on children and women around SIPCOT and Cuddalore is evident through birth of malformed babies, growth retardation among children, upper respiratory disorders, increase in the incidence of cancer etc. Cuddalore is now getting the dubious distinction of becoming another Bhopal.

The group also focused on other serious problems affecting the people, viz., like the reckless use of Air horns, more safeguards for the pedestrians on the roads, contamination of fish, water etc.


The group decided to act on the following-

  • To convene a meeting of religious heads from all religions in the next few weeks on addressing the issue of air pollution etc.
  • To organize an Exhibition of products and models on alternatives to use of plastic carry bags, alternatives to chemically produced food etc. on 26th January 2008 at the Town Hall, Cuddalore.
  • To involve all institutional heads to put up vermi-pits in tackling bio-degradable waste
  • To explore setting up a Task Force dealing with alternative and non chemical consumer goods in the fields of food, daily needs etc. To build networking with like minded individuals and groups within and outside the country.
  • To involve children, student community in organizing community awareness and action on pollution problems besetting the citizens of Cuddalore.
  • To meet again on December 15th 2007 with larger group of committed members on chalk out an action plan for Jan-Dec 2008


Reported for the group by:

Rev Dr R Daniel Premkumar

Mission Coordinator

9, ALC Campus

Cuddalore-607 001

‘I Love Cuddalore’ : A Citizens’ Movement Launched
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