Residents block lorries to dumping ground

Monday, September 17 2007

The New Indian Express

CHENNAI: Several residents in Kodungaiyur blocked the entry of 50 lorries to the garbage dumping ground in the area on Sunday.


The lorries, carrying garbage from the Perungudi dumping yard, had been sent to Kodungaiyur to dump waste.


According to residents, many of these lorries had been stationed on the main road for the last two days. “The lorries, each with a capacity of over 20 tonnes, were parked here for the last two days, resulting in an unbearable stench in the surrounding areas,” said Ramachandra Rao, a resident of the area.


Those protesting against the entry of the lorries into the dumping yard demanded their immediate clearance.


“The drivers of the lorries said that they have been sent here from the Perungudi yard since the latter is overflowing with garbage. We are already suffering here and this will only add to the problem,” he pointed out.


Another resident, P Ganesan, said that garbage continued to be burnt at the Kodungaiyur dumping yard, despite repeated petitions.


Following the protest, Chennai Corporation Commissioner Rajesh Lakhoni arrived at the spot and the lorries were moved out of the area.

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Residents block lorries to dumping ground
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