Glenmark to sell Shasun drugs in US

March 28, 2005

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals has entered into an agreement with Shasun for joint development, filing and marketing of 12 generic drugs for the US market.

The product list consists of off-patent and patent protected molecules with cumulative annual sales of $8 billion in the US, Glenmark’s chief executive and managing director Glenn Saldanha said on Monday.

As per the agreement, Shasun, a pharma company, would develop and license 12 drugs to Glenmark, he said.

Glenmark would be responsible for filing Abbreviated New Drugs Applications and obtaining approvals in the US market, he said.

Upon approval, Glenmark Pharma, US-based subsidiary of Glenmark, would be responsible for marketing while Shasun would look after manufacture and supply, he added.

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Glenmark to sell Shasun drugs in US
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