Villagers resolve not to sell land to private power project

12 September 2007

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They urge the State Government to withdraw permission for the project

CUDDALORE: The people of the 12 coastal hamlets, forming part of the Thiagavalli panchayat here, have decided not to sell land to the Cuddalore Power Company (CPC) for setting up the 1320-MW power project.


The residents took the decision at an impromptu gram sabha meeting held on Perumal temple premises at Thiagavalli on Tuesday.


They noted that the government ban on property transactions in the panchayat had virtually closed the option of the landowners to dispose of their land in a way they wanted.


Such a restriction would curtail their freedom to either retain their property or to sell at a suitable price at their own sweet will. Therefore, they urged the government to lift such a ban.


Of the total requirement of 1,200 acres for the project, the CPC had already acquired 400 acres. A section of them even urged the company to return the acquired land.


The villagers called upon the Government to withdraw permission for the project, because it would severely affect their livelihood, besides causing environmental problems.


Danger to marine life


The discharge from the plant would endanger the marine life and also contaminate the ground water in these coastal habitations, they noted.


‘Withdraw cases’


They further stated that they wanted to remain “sons of the soil” and not as “refugees in their own soil.” They also called upon the government to withdraw false cases foisted upon those who attended the public hearing (that came to an abrupt ending due to noisy disruptions) held recently here.


Meanwhile, the Thiagavalli Panchayat headed by president V.S.Devanathan, had passed a resolution requesting the government to drop the project proposal because it had the potential to harm the local people and environment.

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Villagers resolve not to sell land to private power project
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