1 March 2005:

New SACEM Report: Status of Groundwater in Villages Around SIPCOT Chemical Estate, Cuddalore
SACEM submitted a new preliminary report on the water quality in the villages of SIPCOT industrial complex to the Cuddalore Local Area Environment Committee. The report highlights the extent of ground water contamination in the villages of SIPCOT Cuddalore, by analysing the taste, smell, odour and the potability of the water. The report also brings forth the hardships faced by the residents of SIPCOT because of contaminated water.

Given the current status of ground water situation in SIPCOT complex, Cuddalore, SACEM demands:

  1. Immediate provision of clean piped water as per WHO guidelines to SIPCOT residents;
  2. Ban on discharge of industrial effluents (treated or untreated) on land within or outside the industrial premises
  3. Moratorium on industrial groundwater extraction and closure of factories illegally extracting groundwater;
  4. Ban on the setting up of polluting or water-intensive industries in SIPCOT;
  5. Mandatory recycling of industrial wastewater, and replacement of existing water needs through recycled water;
  6. Assessment of damage, and sources thereof, to groundwater through pollution and salinity intrusion;
  7. Remediation and rehabilitation of groundwater at polluters’ expense

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