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SIPCOT Cuddalore Storm water drainage Canal contamination

Cuddalore: On 3rd June 2021 during pollution patrol in SIPCOT Cuddalore, the SIPCOT Area Community environmental monitors observed a storm water drainage canal to be contaminated. On immediately reporting it to the District Environmental Engineer(DEE) and Project officer of SIPCOT Cuddalore, action was taken the next day to clean the canal. In the SIPCOT Cddalore […]

Uppanar river pollution by unknown sources in SIPCOT area

Uppanar river pollution by unknown sources in SIPCOT area On 2nd of April 2021, The villagers of Semmankuppam in SIPCOT area reported that Uppanar (Paravanar) river was contaminated with black oily film discharge from unknown sources.  The villagers documented the pollution in the river through photographs at the semmankuppam- Nochikadu river bridge. The surface of […]

Skin irritation and burning sensation among fisherfolk of SIPCOT area

The fisherfolk from kudikadu and nearby villages in the SIPCOT industrial area carry out fishing in the Uppanar river. In recent days, fisherfolk who continuously practice fishing particularly in the portion of the Uppanar river that is closer to the Kudikadu village report that they experience skin irritation and burning sensation while fishing. They sense […]

Black oily film floats along with storm water- illegal effluent discharge from SIPCOT industries?

Cuddalore 2 December 2020: Cuddalore had heavy spell of rains during and post Nivar cyclone. Rains are either boon or bane in several ways to the public but to industries rains seem an opportunity to discharge effluents illegally. SIPCOT area community environmental monitors suspect mixing of unsafely stored chemicals or wastes with storm water and […]

Updates Cuddalore

Cuddalore Illegal discharge of effluent reported from SIPCOT area Cuddalore, September 15, 2017: SACEM monitors have reported illegal effluent discharge from Superchem (formerly known as Tamilnadu Pigments) into the storm water drainage canal in SIPCOT Area. Read more…   Illegal discharge of effluent into the river uppanar, leaves residents worried Cuddalore, 17 June 2017: Residents […]

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