Sangolikuppam Residents Block Pioneer Miyagi Gates After an Effluent Leak from CUSECS 2 Pipeline

Cuddalore, 10 May 2007: Sangolikuppam residents blocked the Pioneer Miayagi gates on 9th May, Wednesday afternoon in protest after an incident of effluent leak from CUSECS 2 pipeline. The effluent leak took place at about 7 am on Wednesday when the CUSECS 2 pipeline joining the CUSECS 3 pipe broke near Pilukutthuvaikal in Sangolikuppam village. According to the villagers the effluent water that gushed out of the pipe was yellow in colour and had a strong rotten dead body odour to it. Villagers also reported itching sensation after coming in contact with the water. Since CUSECS 2 pipeline carries effluents from Pioneer Miyagi, the angry villagers decided to block the company's gate and demand a clean up of the site.

The matter was also reported to the pollution control board who immediately visited the spot and instructed the unit to not to discharge effluents until the pipeline is repaired. A written complaint about the incident has been submitted to his office.

Discharge or breaks in CUSECS pipeline is a frequent phenomenon in the SIPCOT area about a week ago a pond in Periyakaraikadu village was contaminated by effluents after the CUSECS 2 pipeline had broken down. CUSECS officials are negligent about maintaining the pipelines that carry harmful and hazardous effluents through the villages to the pumping stations. The fact that the CUSECS 2 pipeline that broke on 9th has still not been repaired is a glaring example of the negligence of the CUSECS officials in transporting the effluents safely in the SIPCOT area.

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