SIPCOT Accident: Female Worker Dies at Pondicherry Alum

Cuddalore, 12 August 2010: 56 year old P. Sundari, a worker at Pondicherry Alum and Chemicals Ltd, is reported to have died in an accident within the factory premises on 8th August 2010. According to sources Sundari died on the spot due to head injury after she fell down from the steps inside the factory. The accident occurred at about 1.30 pm. The cause of the accident is not known. Sundari used to live in Pachhaiyankuppam village quite close to the factory premises.

No legal compensation is known to have been provided to the victim. The unit itself is an illegal entity as its Consent to Operate expired on 30 June 2010. A complaint about this accident has been filed with the Factories Inspectorate and the District Administration.