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Another effluent leak from Pioneer into Uppanar

Cuddalore, 16 October 2007: Fishermen in SIPCOT area caught effluent seeping out of Pioneer Miyagi into Uppanar early morning on 11th October 2007. According to the local fishermen, they saw white foam on the river water behind Pioneer indicating pollution on the morning at about 7 am. While investigating the source of pollution the fishermen discovered the spot behind the unit where the effluent was leaking out into the nearby canal that meets the river. The effluent was mild blackish in colour and had a strong rotten dead body odour to it. It caused itching sensation on the skin upon contact. According to the local residents Pioneer had stored huge quantities of effluent near its ETP behind its plant, it is suspected that this effluent has seeped out from the wall into the river.


This is not the first time the unit has been caught discharging effluent into the river. Pioneer is a repeat offender. The local residents on several occasion have caught Pioneer red handed discharging into the river and have also protested against it. No action has been taken by the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board (TNPCB) to stop the unit from flouting norms. A complaint about the latest incident has been sent to the TNPCB and the residents are awaiting action.


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Another effluent leak from Pioneer into Uppanar
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