Illegal factory running despite complaint

Cuddalore, 26 February, 2006 -- SIPCOT monitors reported on 26 February 2006 that Southern Pigments continued to operate illegally despite assurance by the District Environmental Engineer of the Tamilnadu Pollution Control Board that closure order would be given to the company immediately. Monitors lodged a complaint with the Tamilnadu Pollution Control Board on 18 February after they saw the factory operating using electricity from a diesel generator and water from a private borewell. About three years ago, electricity and water connections to the factory were disconnected. Monitors first complained to the TNPCB on 23 October, 2005 that the factory was operating using its own electricity and water sources. Industries in SIPCOT are not permitted to operate their own generators or sink private borewells without permission. Southern Pigments is manufacturing Calcium Chloride for TANFAC, a notorious Birla-owned company nearby.

Curiously, on 18 February, when the monitors were on patrol, they found the Assistant Environmental Engineer Mr. Malayandi inside the factory while the factory was operating illegally. The complaint by monitors expressly alleged that the AEE was hand-in-glove with the company. Nearly 10 days after the complaint, the District Environmental Engineer Mr. Karthikeyan had still not communicated the illegality to the Head Office. On 26 February, 2006, he assured that the letter would be sent to TNPCB, Chennai. Meanwhile, illegal manufacturing continues unhindered.