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Pioneer Miyagi caught red handed discharging effluents in Uppanar

Cuddalore, 26 February 2007: A SIPCOT resident caught Pioneer Miyagi illegally discharging effluents in the river Uppanar at about 12:30 am today. According to the resident a very large quantity of effluent was being released into the river from Pioneer bypassing the CUSECS pipeline which is the normal way of effluent discharge for the unit. The effluent had white froth and was reeking of rotten dead-body odour, a typical of Pioneer odour identified by SACEM monitors. The resident also mentioned that pipeline that was used to discharge the effluents was about 10 inches wide, almost triple the size of a regular effluent pipeline from the unit to CUSECS. The resident immediately brought the matter to the notice of the shift in-charge at Pioneer after which the discharge was suspended.


A written complaint about this incident has been sent to the local TNPCB officials. This is not the first time that Pioneer Miyagi has been caught carrying on illegal activities. A case is pending in the High Court of Madras over its illegal construction of a new factory within its premises.


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Pioneer Miyagi caught red handed discharging effluents in Uppanar
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