Pioneer Jellice Suspected to Discharge Illegal Effluents in Uppanar: Fishing Groups

Cuddalore 28 May 2009: Fishing groups in SIPCOT have complained about continual illegal discharges in the river Uppanar by Pioneer Jellice industry. According to a complaint made by members of Sangolikuppam village based Arizhnar Anna Male Self Help Group on 25 may 2009, the fishermen are regularly experiencing skin itches and rashes as they enter the water of the river behind Pioneer. They also mentioned presence of muddy deposits at the bottom of the river and foul chemical odours from the area.

This incident goes on to confirm that the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board has failed miserably in doing its job of monitoring the industries in SIPCOT. Even though blatant cases of violations have been brought to their notice, the Board has not been able to take enough action to punish the violators and ensure that such violations are not repeated.