Chemplast management denies allegations

New Indian Express
Tuesday July 26 2005

CHENNAI: The allegations against the Chemplast Sanmar, regarding pollution of the Mettur area, by the Indian People?s Tribunal (IPT), were nothing but a work of fiction and it was done to malign the company?s reputation, clarified the managing director of the company, P S Jayaraman.

In a press release here, Jayaraman said the accusations of the IPT were not founded and the company had been strictly following all the
guidelines provided by the Central Pollution Control Board and the Ministry and Environment and Forests.

“The study report says that it had found chemicals like ethylene dichlorides, vinyl chloride monomer, hydrogen sulphide, carbon tetra
chloride and chloroform, but there is absolutely no possibility of the presence of these chemicals in the outfall point,” Jayraman said.

He said the company had not been releasing any smelly effluent to the Cauvery River. The company discharged only the treated effluents after several process improvements.

The treated solid wastes generated in Chemplast were placed in secured land fills at Mettur as per the set guidelines. Percolation of wastes
from these pits to adjacent sub-soil and water body was not possible, he added.

Jayaraman said the company had started its operations in 1965 and had been following very strict safety standards. ?There have not been
incidents leading to major injuries to workers and no case has been reported due to occupational exposure to toxins,? he said and added that
the company also had full-fledged medical centres to provide medical assistance to the company staff.

He said the officials of the Tamil Nadu Pollution Board also regularly inspected the company and each and every allegation made against the
company was totally wrong, as it lacked scientific backing.

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Chemplast management denies allegations
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