19 injured

17 August 2012

The Hindu


A total of 19 persons were injured in an accident at Sangolikuppam on Thursday. According to police sources, a private van, engaged by a private oil refinery on contract basis, picked up 17 employees and proceeded towards the company. After crossing a stationary bus at Sangolikuppam, van driver Srinivasan (30) noticed a speeding tipper lorry coming from the opposite direction. To avert a head-on collision, he steered the vehicle to the left and lost control of the vehicle. The van knocked down Sivabalan (21) of Sangolikuppam, waiting at the bus stop there, rolled over the road twice and came to a halt.


Passersby alerted “108” ambulance. All but one of the injured were treated as out-patients in the Cuddalore Headquarters Government Hospital. Sivabalan, who suffered severe injuries, has been referred to a Puducherry hospital.


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19 injured
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