Reject EIA submitted by Chemplast for its proposed project: NFF urges EAC

PUDUCHERRY: The National Fisherfolk Forum (NFF) on Wednesday urged the Environmental Appraisal Committee (EAC) to reject the Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) submitted by Chemplast Sanmar Limited at SIPCOT for its proposed project of Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) paste Resin plant of 70,000 TPA at SIPCOT phase II in Cuddalore of Tamil Nadu.

In a memorandum to Chairman EAC, M Ilango, the President of NFF requested him to refrain from granting Environmental Clearance (EC) until region-wide environment carrying capacity and comprehensive cumulative impact and cumulative risk assessment of the SIPCOT area is assessed.

The EAC has to reject the EIA until such a time the project proponent is submited and EIA that is in consonance with the Terms of Reference (TORS) awarded that accurately assess the environmental impact the plant will pose to the environment and health of its inhabitants.

Mr Ilango also urged Dr Gupta to delist the proposal till environmental carrying capacity of SIPCOT area and Cumulative impact assessment and cumulative health and environmental risk assessment is carried out.

He also wanted to form an independent committee by EAC to verify all claims made by the project proponent and another committee to inspect the project site, and conduct detailed comprehensive study to assess the cumulative social and environmental impact of every single industry in SIPCOT, Cuddalore area.

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Reject EIA submitted by Chemplast for its proposed project: NFF urges EAC
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