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SPIC Pharma closed by TNPCB

Cuddalore, 4 September 2006: The TNPCB today shut down SPIC Pharma for not following its orders. According to the PCB the unit did not have its Effluent Treatment Plant as per the PCB standard, did not manage its mycelium waste properly, did not provide for a VOC analyzer and had not put up a digital board on its gate for emission information. TNPCB officials also mentioned that a warning to the unit was given in April 2006 and since there had been no improvement the closure order was issued.

The TNPCB inspected the disconnection of the electricity connection to unit and said that since there are biological processes involved in the manufacturing process it will at least take 15 days before the unit shuts down completely.

Residents of SIPCOT have constantly complained about the chemical odours from SPIC Pharma, odours of human excreta and public toilet have been reported on numerous occasions. According to the PCB the odour is caused because of the mycelium sludge, which is a waste product of the unit’s manufacturing process for Penicillin G.

SPIC Pharma closed by TNPCB
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