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TNPCB responds to SACEM complaint; Inspects Victory

8 November 2006. CUDDALORE — Tamilnadu Pollution Control Board assistant engineer Mr. Malayandi yesterday inspected Victory Chemicals after SACEM complained to the board about the dangerous conditions of hazardous waste storage at the unit that manufactures explosives. SACEM has repeatedly pointed out that Victory Chemicals has stored a mountain of Barium-laden waste on the banks of the River Uppanar. Such storage poses a major risk as the wastes are separated from the River by a flimsy compound wall. Moreover, Victory is in clear violation of both the Hazardous Waste Management Rules, 1989, and the Coastal Regulation Zone Notification, 1991. Among other things, the latter prohibits the storage or handling of any wastes within 100 metres of tidal rivers such as Uppanar.

The company is a repeat offender, and was caught dumping hazardous wastes in a public thoroughfare in Cuddalore town in December 2004. On numerous other violations SACEM has complained about illegal effluent discharge and wash out of toxic wastes into the River during rainy seasons and the Tsunami.

Till date, TNPCB has failed to take any lasting action against the company. All measures to address the violation have been piecemeal, and designed to contain dissent until the next crisis.

TNPCB responds to SACEM complaint; Inspects Victory
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