Contract workers in Pioneer Go on an Indefinite Strike

Cuddalore, 15 July 2008: Contract workers of Pioneer Jelice India Pvt. Ltd have gone on an indefinite strike demanding better working conditions, salary and a permanent end of Company’s activity of illegal discharge of untreated effluents. The workers who are being supported by the Central Industrial Trade Union (CITU), went on this indefinite strike since 12 July 2008.


Reasons and demands expressed from the workers for the strike were primarily:

    1. The Company should negotiate with the Workers Union for a resolution of the crisis.
    2. The Company should accept all demands of the workers.
    3. The Company has not implemented the Labour Act.
    4. The Company discharging the untreated effluent illegally damaging the environment.
    5. The Company should involve the District Administration and Labour Department in all its negotiations with the workers.


The workers have made it clear that if their demands are not fulfilled they will continue with their agitation. Workers in the unit had warned in the month of May 2008 about a strike upon which the Company had promised certain negotiations to resolve the crisis. Clearly the management has not done enough to avert this crisis.


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Contract workers in Pioneer Go on an Indefinite Strike
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