SACEM monitors conduct pollution patrol, report no change in level of pollution

Cuddalore, 18 February 2006: Pollution patrol conducted by the SACEM monitors once again highlights that no change has taken place in the levels of pollution in the SIPCOT area. The patrol that was conducted on 18 February 2006 indicates at the presence of toxic chemical odours in the air. The levels of the odour varied from rank 4 to 5 on the scale of 10. According to the SACEM monitors the odours increase by the evening and it the worst between 10 pm and 5 am.

Pollution Patrol Report
Date: 18.02.2006
Time: 12:45 pm to 1:45 pm

Company Time Wind direction Chemical odour Rank Health effects Location of monitors Other comments
Arkema Peroxides and Bayer 12:45 pm East to West No odour Cuddalore Chidambaram road
Pandian Chemicals 12:50 pm East to West No Odour Cuddalore Chidambaram road Chimney of the factory was emitting black smoke
Pioneer Miyagi Ltd. 12:55 pm East to West Rotten Dead body odour 5 Headache and giddiness Cuddalore Chidambaram Road Chimney was emitting dark smoke
SPIC 1:05 pm East to West Toilet smell 4 Suffocat Eachangadu village service road
Tantech Agro Chemicals 1:15 pm East to West Mosquito coil smell 5 Mild giddiness SIPCOT service road
Asian Paints 1:20 pm East to West Sapotta smell 4 Hungry, stomach rumbling Service road behind Asian Paints before GSR Chemicals
GSR Chemicals 1:25 pm East to West Acid odour 5 Eye burning Service road outside the unit
CUSECS 5 1:25 pm East to West Rotten cabbage smell, public toilet odour 5 Stomach rumbling Service road outside CUSECS
Shasun Drugs and Chemicals Ltd. 1;30 pm East to West Pesticides odour 5 Suffocation Near the SIPCOT hospital Both the chimneys emitting dark smoke


1:32 pm East to West Sulphur odour 4 Eye burning TANFAC Cross road
Pondicherry Alum 1:35 pm East to West Aid odour 4 Skin burning sensation Cuddalore Chidambaram main road Both chimneys were emitting balck smoke
Tagros 1:37 pm East to West Nail Paint odour 5 Headache Cuddalore Chidambaram main road Lot of white smoke from the factory.
Victory Chemicals 1:40 pm East to West Sulphur odour 3 Eye burning Opposite the entrance of the unit Lot of white smoke was noticed from the unit.
CUSECS 6 1:45 pm East to West Public toilet and rotten dead body 5 Stomach rumbling Tanfac cross road

SACEM monitors conduct pollution patrol, report no change in level of pollution
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