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TNPCB issues closure order for Loyal Super Fabrics

Cuddalore, 24 July 2006: Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board (TNPCB) today issued closure orders to Loyal Super Fabrics for non compliance of its [TNPCB] instruction to set up a reverse osmosis (RO) plant to treat the effluents. According to the TNPCB official the PCB had instructed the company to set up a RO plant about six months ago but the company failed to take any action. The instruction for RO plant was given since the effluents from the unit were not meeting the required standards. TNPCB official also added poor house keeping and bad management of hazardous waste as other reasons for recommending the closure.

TNPCB had studied the standards for CUSECS effluents and zeroed on Loyal Super Fabrics and SPIC Pharma as the main violators for not meeting the effluent standards, thereafter it had instructed the setting up of RO plants. While SPIC has invested 3 crores in setting up of an anaerobic reactor to check and maintain the quality of the effluents, Loyal Super Fabrics did not take any action.

According to the SACEM monitors the electricity to the company was disconnected yesterday evening but the company continued its operations with the help of generators. This matter was brought to the notice to the TNPCB today and its officials were on their way to inspect the unit today while this update was being posted.

TNPCB issues closure order for Loyal Super Fabrics
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