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Injured worker receives compensation

Cuddalore, June 25 2006: J. Kaliamurthy, a contract worker injured in an accident at Pioneer Miyagi on 28 March, 2006, today received a compensation of Rs. 2.25 lakhs after contract workers at the company went on strike. The accident occurred at an unapproved construction within the factory premises. The strike began at 6 a.m. on Saturday, 24 June, and ended when the factory contractor agreed to their demand of compensating Kaliamurthy. A local political leader also intervened and negotiated the compensation. It is not known if the dues under the Employee State Insurance Act has been applied for. All workers earning less than Rs. 5000 per month are entitled to compensation for work-related injuries. The strike by contract workers is a sign of a growing new boldness among workers to question the illegalities and anti-worker policies of industries in SIPCOT. Recently, workers at CUSECS (a common effluent collection and forwarding company) went on strike following the death of a co-worker to cancer. Workers blame the unsafe work conditions for the cancer.

Meanwhile, Kalaimurthy of Periya Karaikadu village is currently recuperating from severe head, back and hand injuries after falling from the third floor of the illegal site inside Pioneer. He has been advised complete bed rest.

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Injured worker receives compensation
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