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Accident in Tagros; 8 workers injured

Cuddalore, 27 June 2014: At least 8 workers of Tagors Chemical were injured when a hot-water pipeline they were repairing burst. The accident occurred at about 10 am on 26 June. According to the sources there was block reported in the pipeline and the workers were attending to it when the pipe burst. All the 8 workers were rushed to a private hospital in Cuddalore for treatment. Out of the 8 workers, 3 are permanent workers and 5 are contract workers.


Injured workers were Engineer Mohan (age 42) who is head of the team, Palani (39), Raja (35), Ramkumar, Gopu (35), Babu (38), Gajendiran and Babu.


SACEM has filed a complain with the inspector of factories and has demanded immediate action on the company.

Accident in Tagros; 8 workers injured
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