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Toxic Truck Spotted in Cuddalore

27 November, 2006. Cuddalore — A truck carrying a hazardous chemical powder was found parked for more than 30 minutes without driver or cleaner near Sellankuppam at 11 a.m. today. SACEM member G.K. Amrithalingam who reported the incident said shopkeepers and commuters experienced severe irritation of the throat due to the fine white powder that was being released as dust from the truck. Upon their return, the driver and cleaner were asked to take the vehicle out. The vehicle (License No. TN31H 1687) was carrying cargo loaded at TANFAC Ltd in SIPCOT, and was destined to Andhra Pradesh.


The vehicle made another tense 15 minute stop near the railway overbridge at Chavadi, before proceeding towards SIPCOT. Monitors in SIPCOT area have been alerted and asked to keep an eye out for the vehicle.


The driver was unaware about the nature of the cargo. That in itself and the insecure manner in which the cargo was being carried is a violation of the Hazardous Chemicals Rules, and the guidelines for transporting hazardous chemicals. SACEM has alerted the Assistant Environmental Engineer about the incident.

Toxic Truck Spotted in Cuddalore
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