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Fisherman injured by polluted river

Cuddalore, 1 March, 2010: One fisherman fishing behind Pioneer Miyagi Chemicals in SIPCOT Cuddalore sustained burn injuries (rashes and boils) on his body after he dived to retrieve his snagged net from rocks buried at a depth of 6 feet in the Uppanar River. V. Shanmugam, 38, a resident of Sangolikuppam, complained to the District Collector, Fisheries Department and the Tamilnadu Pollution Control Board on 26 February, 2010 that his body started itching, and his back and shoulders broke out in boils after coming in contact with foul-smelling effluents in the River stretch north of Pioneer Miyagi. Referring to pollution and skin problems as a routine affair in the River, Shanmugam noted that the latest incident was more severe. With no assistance forthcoming from the authorities, villagers and representatives of the Sangolikuppam Fisher Panchayat admitted Shanmugam in the Government hospital. After two days of treatment, Shanmugam is now discharged and undergoing treatment at a private hospital.


The fisherman proferred a complaint to the District Collector today at the Grievance Day hearings. The collector has asked the Tamilnadu Pollution Control Board to investigate the matter.


injured fisherman

Fisherman injured by polluted river
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