US Supporters of Cuddalore Campaign Join SACEM on Pollution Patrol


Cuddalore, 29 December, 2006: Two supporters from the Seattle and Bay Area chapters of Association for India’s Development in the United States joined SIPCOT monitors on a two-hour long pollution patrol to see first-hand the environmental conditions in SIPCOT, Cuddalore. Vani and Sudarshan Suresh, who visited SIPCOT and neighbouring villages, said they were appalled that more than 30,000 people live under such oppressive environmental circumstances, where even breathing was a challenge owing to the air pollution. Despite the low-intensity of odours, all monitors and the two visitors complained of headache, and eyes and throat irritation at the end of the patrol. The mountain of hazardous wastes that is stored illegally by Victory Chemicals on the banks of the River Uppanar was blowing dust in surrounding areas. Loyal Super Fabrics, the company responsible for a major fire a few months ago, has now restarted. According to residents, soot pollution from the company’s has increased over the days.


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Date: 29 December 2006
Time: 12:15 pm to 2:00 pm



S No.


Name of the company




Wind Direction


Location of the monitors






Health effects


Other observations




Tamilnadu Pigments


12:20 pm


N to S


Thaikal road outside the unit gate





There was blue colour powder all over the unit, on the floor, factory walls and compound walls.






Victory Chemicals


12:30 pm


N to S


4th Cross road on the western side of the company




Burning material odour




Throat irritation, headache and suffocation


Huge piles of hazardous waste were stored within the premises and covered with plastic sheets. The dust from the waste was being blown away by the wind and was spreading in the neighboring areas. People in the vicinity complained about cough, throat and eye irritation.








12:40 pm


N to S


Northern as well as the southern side of the unit.




Public toilet odour






The wind was steady and the dust from Victory Chemicals reached all the way to CUSECS 6 and the Rasapettai Thonithurai causing cough and eye irritation to the commuters.






Shasun Chemicals


1:05 pm


N to S


Southern side of the unit opposite the SIPCOT water tank


Radish and fruity odour









Loyal Super Fabrics


1:10 pm


N to S


Opposite CUSECS 5 in the south side of the unit




Cloth boiling odour




Eye irritation


Presence of fine dust in the vicinity of the plant. Not visible, but one can feel it on the skin.






1:11 pm


N to S


Outside the gate of the unit










GSR Chemicals


1:15 pm


N to S


South West of the unit




Acid odour




Skin itching





Tantech Chemicals


1:20 pm


N to S


Southern side of the unit on the Eachangadu village road




Mosquito Coil odour




Headache , giddiness





SPIC Pharma


1: 25 pm


N to S


Service road outside the unit


Public toilet odour




Vomiting, headache


Digital display board was not working




Chemplast project site


2:15 pm


N to S


ECR road





Constructions ongoing.

US Supporters of Cuddalore Campaign Join SACEM on Pollution Patrol
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