Chemplast Conducts Trial Runs Without Valid Permissions

Cuddalore, 7 March 2009: In an yet another violation in SIPCOT, local villagers reported trial runs without permissions in Chemplast Sanmar PVC plants from 25th to 27th February. According to the sources villagers found out that the unit had no permission when they placed an enquiry with the TNPCB after noticing thick black smoke from the factory. The TNPCB also informed the locals that the unit neither had a permission to execute trial runs nor the Consent to Operate.

Based on the public complaints a high level team of TNPCB visited the factory on 5th of March, 2009. The details of the visit is yet to be disclosed.

It is also learnt that the unit has imported about 7000 metric tons of VCM but has not been able to unload it since there are still some clearances pending. The VCM loaded ship has been docked off the Cuddalore coast for the last ten days and locals fear massive damage to environment and health in an event of an accident.

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Chemplast Conducts Trial Runs Without Valid Permissions
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