Updates Loyal Super Fabrics Caught Discharging "Dark Brown" effluent in CUSECS 5

Cuddalore, June 13, 2005: While conducting the pollution patrol in the SIPCOT industrial area on 12 June 2005, SACEM monitors reported "dark brown" effluent discharge from Loyal Super Fabrics pipe line into CUSECS 5. The monitors suspected that the effluent was not treated properly hence the colour. The incident was reported at 7:20 pm and the CUSECS in charge Mr. Indra Kumar was immediately contacted with the information and demand for an action. Mr. Indra Kumar assured the monitors that action would be taken against the unit if it was found discharging untreated effluent in the CUSECS. The monitors also demanded that immediate samples be taken of the effluent and the results should be shared with the public.

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