TNPCB Fails to Take Action on Chemplast's Glass Waste Dump on the Banks of Uppanar

Cuddalore, 16 September 2008: SACEM monitors reported that the TNPCB has failed to take action on Chemplast Sanmar to stop it from dumping waste glass pieces on the banks of the river Uppanar. The first complaint in this regard was filed through a letter along with a picture of dumped waste with the TNPCB on 18 July 2008. Almost two months after the complaint the SACEM monitors today discovered that the glass pieces were still dumped on the banks of Uppanar within the Chemplast construction site. Even though SACEM in its complaint had mentioned the threat these pieces posed to the fishermen speacially during the high tide when there is danger of these pieces being washed away into the river, the TNPCB has failed to take any concrete action.

Lack of action of TNPCB shows its apathy for the public health and safety in Cuddalore.