Two more industrial accidents reported from Tagros Chemicals in SIPCOT

Cuddalore, 31 October 2005: Two new industrial accidents have been reported from Tagros Chemicals in SIPCOT, Cuddalore. According to the sources, the first accident took place on 17 October 2005, where a short-circuit in the electrical lines injured 2 workers on the shop floor. The second accident occurred on 26 October 2005, where it has been reported that 4 workers (including contract and permanent workers) were injured in a chemical spill inside the unit. More details on both incidents are awaited. These two accidents bring the number of industrial accidents reported from Tagros to five in 2005, during which six people have been injured and one killed.

Tagros has illegally constructed new facilities within its premises, and had expanded production to include new and unapproved products. The Tamilnadu Pollution Control Board refused to take action despite the matter being brought to its notice last year. It is not known if any action has been taken subsequently. It is also not known at this point if the above accidents happened at the illegal units.