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Cuddalore Illegal discharge of effluent reported from SIPCOT area Cuddalore, September 15, 2017: SACEM monitors have reported illegal effluent discharge from Superchem (formerly known as Tamilnadu Pigments) into the storm water drainage canal in SIPCOT Area. Read more…   Illegal discharge of effluent into the river uppanar, leaves residents worried Cuddalore, 17 June 2017: Residents […]

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POISONED – Report on the Environmental Sampling around the Coal Mines, Thermal Power Plants and Ash Ponds in Tamnar Block of Raigarh, Chhattisgarh August 2017 Plant Diversity In And Around Proposed Site For Cheyyur 4000mw Coal-Fired Power Project, Kanchipuram D. Narasimhan – Professor, Centre for Floristic Research, Department of Botany, Madras Christian College,Tambaram, Chennai Devanathan […]

Reports Chennai

Reports Chennai: Report finds health of workers, fishers and residents compromised in Ennore oil spill cleanup21 February 2017 Unfit To Breathe; A Report On Air Quality Around The Thermal Power Plant Cluster in Ennore, Tamil Nadu – The Coastal Resource Centre April 2016 – A Campaign of The Other Media Evaluation of the Waterbirds of […]

Reports Cuddalore

Reports Cuddalore: Groundwater Quality in SIPCOT Cuddalore – An Analysis of TNPCB Sample Results of Groundwater September 2014 Comparison of Water Sample Results Data August 2014 Groundwater Quality in SIPCOT Cuddalore – An Analysis of TNPCB Sample Results of Groundwater September 2014 Recommendations of the State Government Appointed Committee investigating the Gas Leak on 7 March 2011 from […]

Other Updates

Coal Conveyor route surveyed with Police Intimidation Cheyyur, 22 May, 2014: Nearly a hundred policemen were deployed today to prevent villagers from Vilambur and Panaiyur from blocking the survey of their orchards and homesteads to make way for a coal conveyor corridor linking the proposed coal jetty in Panaiyur village to the controversial 4000 MW […]

Mettur Reports

  Zero Discharge; Zero Truth — Chemplast Sanmar’s Illegal Discharge into River Kaveri Zero Discharge; Zero Truth Chemplast’s Illegal Discharges into the Kaveri June 2011 Chemplast Zero Discharge Results of Analyses May 2011 Chemplast Interpretation ROA quality data 3 June 2011 Chemplast Interpretation of 4 May 2011 water sample Critique of the Chemplast Sanmar Limited Health Study Conducted by […]

Reports Kodaikanal

Reports Kodaikanal DOUBLE STANDARDS: Unilever’s Mercury Fever & Kodaikanal’s Ecological Time Bomb March 7, 2010 Letter request to Tamilnadu Pollution Control Board and Other Officials to Suspend Any Works at Unilever sites in Kodaikanal March, 2010 Mercury Evaluation Reports for Kodaikanal by Dr. Mark Chernaik March 5, 2010 Indian People’s Tribunal Report on Hindustan Unilever’s […]

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