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Global Day of Action against Unilever

Several support groups from students to workers’ unions around the world participated in the Global Day of action against Unilever. Photo-exhibitions, candle-light vigils, memorandums to Unilever offices and pamphleteering marked the day ensuring that the message of solidarity reached far and wide.

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Council of Unilever Unions support Kodaikanal ex-workers’ struggle

The office-bearers of  All India Council of Unilever Unions on being informed about the present pathetic condition of the Ex-workers and their families of Kodaikanal factory discussed this issue and unanimously decided to support the struggle of Kodaikanal workers and their families and passed the following resolution.

“It is resolved that the All India Council of Unilever Unions will work jointly with the Ex-workers of Kodaikanal for getting them Justice and compensation to the mercury affected workers and their families from the Hindustan Unilever Management.”

They called upon the Hindustan Unilever management to clean up all the mercury from Kodaikanal’s environment, compensate the workers and their families exposed to mercury and provide assistance for long-term medical monitoring and treatment to the affected community. The resolution was signed by Mr. Rama Rao, President of the Council and Mr. Bennet D’Costa, General Secretary.

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Solidarity messages

Action Call from Australia Asia Worlers Links:

AAWL has been instrumental in keeping other groups informed about Unilever’s deeds and getting them to endorse their support for the Global Day of Action – March 7, 2008
Apart from AAWL, Union Solidarity, Australasian Meat Industry Employees’ Union (AMIEU), National Union of Workers (NUW) and Victorian Trades Hall Council have already endorsed the GDA.

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Trina Tocco, International Labour Rights Fund, Washington DC, writes to Patrick Cescau, CEO of Unilever PLC.

Trina raises deep concerns about Unilever’s practices in Kodaikanal, while supporting the Global Day of Action. Strongly objecting to the irresponsible behaviour, she also points out how Unilever’s record in Kodaikanal belies the message of CSR that the company keeps trumpeting about and urges Unilever to fulfill the demands of the struggling ex- workers.

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Article by Venkat Narasimham, New Socialist Alternative (CWI-India) posted on and

An excellent article examining the practice of export of ‘dirty industries’ by giants like Unilever to countries, the disregard for life and socialist alternatives. The call for solidarity on the Global Day
of Action has triggered tremendous response from workers collectives around the world.

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Eight City Councillors in Sweden write to Unilever expressing their deep concerns about Unilever’s deeds in Kodaikanal and question the company on its standards for providing basic security to
workers and environmental footprint

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